1 Garden and Toenmaru*

Sit on the Toenmaru and spend time contemplating.

You can enjoy the calm atmosphere while hiding from the noisy world.

(*Toenmaru is a narrow wooden porch connected to the door.)

2 A house for people who hide from the outside world.

Losthouse has a ㄱ shape, consisting of the garden, bedroom, dining  room and movie room. 

Soft textured fabrics and wood give comfortable feeling.

3 Dining room

Warm colored bubble lamp by George Nelson and a table welcome you behind the door.

A small kitchen is equipped with cooking tools and cutleries including Balmuda toaster.

A teapot and hand-drip coffee set are also prepared.

4 Powder room & Movie room

Closing the door makes it a independent powder room,

Setting the screen makes it a small movie theater,

This space is separate and combined at the same time.

5 Movie & Foot Bath

Bose speaker, projector, Screen.

Put idle thoughts aside for a moment and enjoy a movie

Which is 'art of light and time'. 

A movable foot bath is in front of the sofa.

Release your tired body here.

6 Bedroom

Adjust the lighting with IOT for rest.

Comfortable queen bed is under the George Nelson bubble lamp. 

* Additional beddings are provided for over 3 people. 

7 Bathroom 

Bathrooms are equipped with a hairdryer, towels and toothpastes.

'Re-stay' by Innisfree is prepared for amenities.

* re-stay : Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Hand Wash

** For reservations of 4 people, an additional bathroom (adjacent to the bedroom) will be made available.